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Our Work

Like most charities, there is always paperwork to do and meetings to attend.  Sometimes we get together just to ride and clear our minds.  Other times we get together to honor one of our Members.

The rest of the time, when we are not at work, we are actively engaged in a project or event and/or planning the next.

Ramp mostly done.jpeg

Building a Wheelchair Ramp


Project Name

With small donations from the community and members, we were able to purchase the materials to build a wheelchair ramp for the Widow of a Veteran.

Here you can see a few of our members hard at work.

The rest were cleaning the yard: raking leaves, trimming hedges, burning yard waste.


Project Name

Rucksack Challenge


CVMA 23-11 Supported the Veterans Resource Center (VRC).

Partnering with other CVMA Chapters, First Responders, and Local Harley Davidson Dealerships, we were able to collect daily essentials for homeless Veterans.  The backpacks (rucksacks) are filled with items ranging from personal hygiene essentials to blankets and clean socks.

Members are offloading the rucksacks and transferring them to the VRC.   What a great haul.

more rucksacks_edited.jpg
vrc loadout.jpeg

Wreaths Across America

Every year, we are honored to escort the Wreaths Across America Truck and Trailer as it delivers wreaths to a local Veteran's Memorial, where members then assist offloading the wreaths.

Local Memorial Parks have awarded us the privilege of participating in ceremonies and laying wreaths to honor the Veterans, that have left us.

waa lineup.jpeg

Project Name

cksrv bghd.jpeg

Cook & Serve

Local organizations and businesses support us throughout the year.  Occasionally, they let us give back.

During an event at a local Harley Davidson dealership, Members of CVMA 23-11 took over the duties of cooking and serving the guests.

The members working these events often pay for and bring snacks and refreshments to augment the food provided by the dealership.  Any donations collected go directly to CVMA 23-11's General Fund, and is used to help Veterans, throughout the year.


Project Name

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