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We are an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby. As a registered 501(c)(3) Veterans’ charity, our mission is to support those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to provide assistance and help to individual veterans, their families, veteran care facilities, other veteran support organizations. We sponsor and participate in many veteran-related motorcycle (and other) charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran causes. Our Mission Statement is Veterans Helping Veterans.

Our membership is comprised of Full Members (those with verified combat service), Supporter Members (those who have non-combat military service and have a strong dedication to helping veterans), and Auxiliary Members (Spouses of both Full and Support members). We have members from all 50 states and numerous countries abroad, including combat areas.

Please note that we are an ASSOCIATION and NOT a MOTORCYCLE CLUB (MC). Although we may be in a geographic area, we do not claim territory. We do not have a club house. We do not wear cuts or colors, but rather vests. The patch on our back is one piece.

 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 


     In 2001, 45 individuals brought together by a common interest in veterans' issues and an enthusiasm for riding motorcycles formed the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association as a nonprofit organization.  These founding members of the CVMA became known as the "Original 45" and today can be identified within the CVMA by the "Original 45" patch that they alone are authorized to wear.


     The original 45 established the vision and mission of the CVMA, which is "Veterans Helping Veterans."  This creed has become the very heart of the CVMA and is rooted in the belief that there is no higher calling than veterans helping veterans.  From the very start the CVMA was clearly organized to provide service to veterans, their widows, and their children. 


     The Skull and Spade were incorporated in the emblem as the CVMA's one-peace patch.  All CVMA members (Full/Auxiliary/Support) wear this one-peace patch and colors as the CVMA emblem and with the understanding that the CVMA is not a Motorcycle Club (MC), but rather an association of combat veterans dedicated to helping veterans.


     The NBOD (National Board of Directors) as well as many within the general membership have worked and continue to work tirelessly in clearing the CVMA's purpose and patch with the major (dominant) MCs around the nation.  Through their efforts the CVMA does not normally experience any problems when traveling through an MC's territory.


     Most of the MC community respects and approves of the CVMA due to the efforts of the NBOD in explaining the purpose of the association and emphasizing the fact that CVMA is simply a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, combat veterans helping veterans and in no way demonstrates competition or disrespect for the MC community.


The CVMA Emblem

     Red representing the blood that has been shed on the battlefield.

     Gold represents all branches of the military services of the United States.

      Black representing the heavy heart possessed for those who gave their lives; and for those who are considered missing in action or prisoners of war.

The Skull and Spade represents the death that war leaves in its wake.

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