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Service & Support

     As we are a 501-C3 non-Profit organization whose endeavors support the betterment of service members past, present and post service. Often times we are seeking to partake in events with other non-profits whose direction is similar to ours. If you desire to attain assistance please reach out to our Chapter Public Relations Officer Marco " Papí" Gonzalez via email and he can discuss with you how our participation would be beneficial to you. 

Events We have supported 

    "Operation Ruck Sack"  In this event it was combined service effort with Sponsors such as our own Black Gold Harley Davidson and others. The efforts of this event was to raise awareness that their are many veterans that endure the elements and live on the streets in our great state of Texas even after they have served our country in war time. We along with other chapters and non-profits raised money and collected back pack which we filled with sustainable items such as basic elements like tooth paste, toilet paper and other essential daily living items. 


     Some items were donated and we collected them from donors while other items were purchased with donated money. All money collected went to support this effort. We used chapter funds as well to ensure that all packs were filled and alike. 


We'd like to thank our Sponsor Black Gold Harley Davidson for their efforts in not only being a collection location for donated items but also assisting us in raising awareness .

    "Veteran  Flag Pole Raising " In this event members of chapter 23-11 Double Aces came together to install two flag poles at the home of a Vietnam. The story was that the veteran had become separated from his son for numerous years. Then he was found and his son had requested if a veteran group would put up a flag pole in honor of his father.

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