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Requirements to become an Auxiliary Member


  • Must be the spouse of a CVMA member or spouse of a deceased CVMA member

    • (Note: sponsoring CVMA member must have submitted Auxiliary application prior to moving to Alpha/Omega Chapter. 

  • Submission of documentation is required and must accompany the Auxiliary application for Membership; Copy of Marriage License or Marriage certificate).

    • Full member can request Auxiliary application from their respective State Representative.

  • Must be of good character; meaning all members MUST conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming to themselves, to the CVMA and to the CVMA-Auxiliary unit. Members must not bring embarrassment upon themselves, to the CVMA Auxiliary unit or to the CVMA Association as a whole.

  • Must support the efforts of ALL branches of the United States of America's Armed Forces and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

CVMA® National Auxiliary 


  Auxiliary Staff 

Melissa "Sassy Pantz" Noeller
AUX Commander
Kimberly "Punkin" Hayes
AUX Executive Officer
AUX Secretary
Curved Yellow Ribbon.png

 Auxiliary Members

Jackie Konold - "War Rabbit"
Constance Pagan - "2 Shot" 
Bethany Benton - "BB"
Jannelle Moses - "JMO"
Leanne Lossner - "Lucy"
Nancy Kennedy - "Nance"
Melissa Noeller - "Sassy Pantz"
Kathleen Vestal - "KAL"
Kimberly Hayes - "Punkin"
Amanda Gillard - "Smooches"
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